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islanded in a stream of stars

the rest is rust and stardust

talented amateur, the only gerontologist you know
My screen name is derived from the bulletproof Stradavarius cello that Kara Milovy plays in the Living Daylights, not taken from a cheesy bodice ripper.

Like Vesper Lynd and West Berlin, my interests are divided - particularly when it comes to fandom. I've been obsessed with con artist and 60s spy shows for years, I've recently drifted into the "new" classic sci-fi arena and Dragon Age 2. Offline, I tend to juggle a variety of unrelated projects, including working for a health app startup and investigating complaints in long-term care settings.

When introducing me to the entirety of my high school before my senior speech, my then-advisor, a wise and adorably WASP-y lady, announced that I was “surprisingly kinky.” Maybe I’m just lazy, but I can’t think of a better introduction than that.

Basically, I'm being vague just to annoy you into reading my LJ.

Friends: I tend to friend people who share similar interests and/or have interesting things to say and interesting ways of saying it; it's my way of saying, "Hey, I think you're a really nifty person, and I'd love to learn more about you." I generally friend anyone who friends me, but if you do so then I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment so I know a little more about you. Thanks!

If you're interested in my icons and other LJ-related graphics, check out retro_activity. The gorgeous Avengers mood theme is by the immensely talented ozfroggirl.
10th doctor, 9th doctor, adrian monk, agatha christie, agnosticism, alfred hitchcock, alias, alistair theirin, anders, anglophile, anti-racism, asian american issues, audrey hepburn, badminton, bernard herrmann, bloc quebecois, bond girls, burn notice, campanology, carlotta valdes, cary grant, casanova, casino royale, catch-22, charade, classical music, danger man, daniel bruhl, david mccallum, david tennant, diana rigg, disability rights, doctor who, douglas adams, dragon age, eleanor of aquitaine, elmer bernstein, emma peel, england, eva green, fandom, feminism, fenris, film scores, freema ageyman, gay rights, george orwell, gerontology, gideon emery, goodbye lenin!, graphing calculators, gregory peck, harry palmer, hawke, henry mancini, hercule poirot, history, hong kong, hungary, hustle, ian fleming, indiana jones, ingrid bergman, james bond, jimmy stewart, joe hisaishi, john barry, john drake, john le carre, julie andrews, katherine hepburn, len deighton, les miserables, leverage, long-term care, man from uncle, martha jones, memory, mia maestro, michael caine, michael giacchino, michael vartan, michel legrand, mozart, murder rooms, musicals, mysteries, naoko mori, napoleon solo, north by northwest, number six, out of africa, patrick macnee, patrick mcgoohan, pedal boating, peter cincotti, peter o'toole, philip glass, philosophical questions, progressivism, psych, psychology, pushing daisies, queen victoria, rear window, river song, robert vaughn, roses, sabrina, secular humanism, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkel, simon templar, sir arthur conan doyle, socialism, spellbound, spies, stanley donen, switzerland, taoism, tchaikovsky, the avengers, the baker street irregulars, the hours, the incredibles, the lion in winter, the living daylights, the mysterious mr. quin, the philadelphia story, the prisoner, the simpsons, the sound of music, the third man, timothy dalton, to kill a mockingbird, torchwood, tracy di vicezno, vanilla milkshakes, veronica mars, vertigo, victoriana, vienna, vladimir nabokov, writing, yann tiersen


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